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STRUXI Announces Procore Integration

STRUXI Announces Procore Integration

STRUXI, a Penta Technologies product, announced a partnership with Procore Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of construction management software. STRUXI’s integration with Procore simplifies the time-collection process with an easy-to-use iOS Capture application that instantly sends labor data to the back office for accessible and transparent data aggregation and analysis.

According to McKinsey & Company, 98 percent of construction megaprojects are not completed on time. The STRUXI and Procore integration creates synergies and efficiencies around time collection by eliminating manual timecards, ultimately reducing paperwork and cost.

The interface features a user-friendly design that is ideal for English and non-English speakers. Time punches entered onsite are allocated to cost codes, synced with Procore and are then accessible in all relevant Procore tools, including Budget, Daily Log, Reporting, Analytics and Resource Management.

“At STRUXI, our goal is to free up time for the workforce by elevating the project leaders and laborers by providing meaningful insights while eliminating non-value-added data collection. Both STRUXI and Procore are committed to creating technology solutions that improve labor productivity, which makes this partnership a perfect fit,” explains Bill Wagner, President at Penta Technologies, Inc.

“Procore builds user solutions for the construction industry to empower owners, general contractors and specialty contractors. The Procore partnership with STRUXI streamlines and digitizes traditional workflows, which allows construction to best serve their clients. We are excited to launch this partnership and enhance labor productivity for the construction industry,” shares Eric Tucker, Sr. Business Development Manager at Procore.

The Procore and STRUXI integration enhances labor productivity in the field and office. The partnership creates efficiencies that will help construction companies get work done better and faster, eliminating the headaches and frustrations that come from manual paperwork. Procore and STRUXI look forward to helping construction companies improve their labor productivity with this partnership.

Visit the Procore App Marketplace here to learn more.