Tamina Canyon Crossing, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland is included on the 2018 Structural Awards shortlist. Structural Engineer: Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner Beratende Ingenieure VBI AG; Photo: Bastian-Kratzke

London — The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) revealed the shortlist for the Structural Awards 2018, featuring 53 entries selected from 115 projects globally. Now in its 51st year, these prestigious annual awards celebrate the world’s best engineering structures and demonstrate the diversity of structural engineering.

The shortlisted projects highlight the ingenuity and creativity of these forward-thinking professionals and honor today’s most cutting-edge examples of engineering.

This year’s shortlist of ground-breaking projects offers a glimpse into a diverse selection of buildings, commending excellence through exemplary engineering solutions. The buildings, bridges and landmarks selected are beyond the ordinary, indicating technical superiority, clever design and absolute attention to detail.

Chair of the awards judging panel, Professor Tim Ibell, said, “This year we’ve received an unusual and imaginative collection of entries, from sculptural monuments by renowned artists through to a cricket stadium which has been dubbed the ‘Lord’s of East Africa’. The shortlist gives a fantastic overview of what’s going on in the structural engineering community on a global scale, highlighting the ambition, imagination and expertise of our profession. We’re delighted to have seen many more new firms entering their work for consideration in our unique celebration of structural engineering excellence.”

Martin Powell, Chief Executive of The Institution of Structural Engineers, said, “Where in the past structural engineers have often been seen as the unsung heroes of built environment projects, we are starting to see greater recognition for the important work they do. The media interest attracted from last year’s diverse shortlist gave both the construction industry and the wider public an insight into how engineers creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills help make a structure iconic, ensuring it is fit for purpose and safe for our use and enjoyment.

“Structural engineers remain the guardians of public safety who ensure any structure can withstand all kinds of stresses and strains,” Powell said. “Given that 2018 is ‘The Year of Engineering’, our awards are more relevant than ever. They prove just how innovative our industry is in bringing truly ambitious and monumental projects to life.”

Following strict judging criteria, shortlisted entries were selected for excellence, creativity and innovation, as well as elegance and detailing. Sustainability, economic viability and value for money were also core considerations.

The complete shortlist can be viewed at www.structuralawards.org. The winners will be announced at the awards dinner and ceremony on Friday, Nov. 16, 2018 at The Brewery, London.