Raleigh, N.C. — Stewart, an interdisciplinary design, engineering and planning firm, relocated its headquarters to The Dillon, a Kane Realty property and the first mixed-use development of its kind in downtown Raleigh’s rapidly expanding, vibrant Warehouse District. The firm’s practice areas, including planning and design, structural engineering, geomatics, and geotechnical and construction services played key roles in the creation of The Dillon. Collaboration between disciplines and among partners helped to bring the vibrant space to life.

“An entrepreneurial, pioneering mindset is an integral part of our culture at Stewart,” said Willy Stewart, PE, CEO, Stewart. “Just as we dare to think big with the types of services we offer and how we collaborate to design and plan creative solutions for our clients, we feel this move to The Dillon brings that same energy toward our ongoing investment in Raleigh.”

Stewart’s practice areas played pivotal roles in the design, engineering, surveying and materials testing of both the commercial and residential spaces of The Dillon, from the public sidewalks to the residential roof terrace. Early in the process, Stewart wanted to preserve the historic value of The Dillon, originally a warehouse for the Dillon Supply Company built in 1914, while renovating and modernizing the building to meet today’s commercial and residential needs and assume a monumental presence in downtown Raleigh’s skyline.

“Throughout our involvement in the creation of The Dillon, our firm’s steadfast focus on interdisciplinary collaboration helped streamline communication and integration between practice areas and with key partners, from the design phase through execution,” said George Stanziale, president and director of design, Stewart. “This unique approach helped pave the way for success and allowed us to deliver a better final project to the community, which our team can now enjoy as our new home.”

Understanding the importance of its historic value, Stewart’s geomatics practice area used 3D laser scanning technology to map the exterior and interior of the original building. Stewart’s structural engineering team then used that information to preserve and restore the existing historic Dillon Supply Co. warehouse façade, maintaining the unique personality of the former warehouse while reinforcing the existing infrastructure. It’s planning and design practice leveraged the 3D scan to identify materials it later used in the design of the outdoor spaces, including swing arms that once moved heavy materials from one bay to the next which are now lighting and trellis elements on the 9th-floor public terrace.

“We are appreciative that leadership at Stewart has chosen to maintain their proud office presence in Downtown Raleigh,” said Kris Larson, president and CEO, Downtown Raleigh Alliance. “Through their investment in the Dillon, they are a part of transforming one of Downtown’s emerging centers for creativity, commerce and innovation.”

Visitors to The Dillon will find Stewart’s urban design and civil engineering fingerprint throughout the entire outdoor public realm, including the sidewalks, 9th-floor public terrace offering 180-degree views of downtown Raleigh, pool courtyard for residents and more. In a collaboration with Kane Realty and architectural firm Duda|Paine Architects, the inside spaces seamlessly integrate with the design of the outdoors.

Stewart’s work is also evident in the structure itself, as its structural engineering practice brought the vision of architectural firms Duda|Paine Architects and JDavis Architects to life for both the office and residential space at The Dillon. Materials testing conducted by Stewart’s geotechnical and construction services practice is foundational to the entire project, conducted in coordination with Clancy & Theys Construction Company and the general contractor Barnhill Contracting Company.

Stewart’s new office space at The Dillon further enhances the firm’s open, interdisciplinary culture. Stewart partnered with Gensler, Barringer Construction and CBI Raleigh to design and implement a workspace that mirrors the firm’s values, with areas for collaboration, discussion and team rooms. An open office perimeter preserves sweeping views of the city and plenty of natural lighting for all employees to enjoy.

By walking through the office, visitors will learn about Stewart. From the first step off the elevator, a black and white map of Raleigh covers the floor and travels onto the walls, and incorporates the firm’s values. While walking through the space, visitors will notice stories about the firm’s past, present and projections into the future.

To learn more about Stewart, visit www.stewartinc.com.