FLORENCE, S.C. – The 43rd edition Standard Specifications (containing ANSI-approved standards) is now available for download on the Steel Joist Institute’s website at www.steeljoist.org/catalog. The edition, “Load Tables and Weight Tables for Steel Joists and Joist Girders” provides design, construction and engineering professionals in the steel joist industry with accurate information on the design of steel joists and Joist Girders, including specifications and applications.

The 233-page guide provides a more practical approach to better define the actual use of the products in the catalog, which includes K-series, LH-series, DLH-series and Joist Girders. Any changes to the catalog or products offered are aimed at making SJI products safer, simpler to use and more economical.

Notable changes found in the 43rd edition include the elimination of 8K1 joists; the introduction of a new K-factor and slenderness chart for the K-series; an update of the current K-factor and slenderness chart for LH-series; the elimination of round rod bridging; the introduction of a new Q-factor for all crimped angles with compressive forces; the addition of a Joist Girder top chord transverse bending check and a node shear check; and the extension of the DLH-series to 120 inches deep and 240 feet long. Additionally, all bridging requirements were clarified or corrected.

Standard Specifications 43rd edition is available to download for free online or sells for $25.00 per order. To order a hard copy, download an order form or download the document, visit  www.steeljoist.org. Due to more recent changes made to the publication, Errata No. 1 is now included with a hard copy of the publication and the free, downloadable version online is revised to reflect the new changes.

Besides setting standards for the steel joist industry, the Steel Joist Institute works closely with major building code bodies throughout the country helping to develop code regulations regarding steel joists and Joist Girders. The Institute also invests thousands of dollars in research related to steel joists and Joist Girders and offers a complete library of publications and other training and research aids. The Steel Joist Institute is a not-for-profit organization. For more information, visit www.steeljoist.org.