Chicago — The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and the National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA), a division of AISC, urged U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman to "enforce trade laws and keep the playing fields level for U.S. fabricators." In a letter to the Trade Representative, AISC leaders called out the increasing flow of fabricated steel entering our country from Asia, Europe, Mexico, and Canada, often at prices well below market. This unfair trade activity including government subsidization and currency manipulation takes jobs away from U.S. steel fabricators and their employees.

AISC and NSBA represent structural steel fabricators, a nationwide array of small firms who purchase raw steel and fabricate it into shapes and girders for bridge, building and other construction and infrastructure use. Primarily small businesses, AISC/NSBA members cannot practically bring their own trade cases against foreign competitors, but must rely on the U.S. government taking action and enforcing our trade laws.

The AISC/NSBA letter called upon STR to:

  • Vigorously investigate violations of U.S. trade laws;
  • Promptly enforce and collect countervailing duties from importers;
  • Identify China as not a market economy and not deserving of full recognition under World Trade Organization (WTO) policies.

AISC and NSBA represent over 900 U.S. steel producing and fabricating companies and more than 42,000 allied steep professional designers, engineers and educators. Its work to standardize and raise the quality of steel fabrication and use is widely recognized. Its letter to Trade Representative Froman joins with many other voices from the steel industry and workers to use the laws on the books to remedy Chinese steel export violations.