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Stantec to rehabilitate major Boston sewer line

BOSTON – Stantec was chosen to design the rehabilitation of the West Roxbury Tunnel, a 12,500-foot-long, 84-inch-diameter rock tunnel sewer line running beneath a densely populated section of Boston. With depths of up to 220 feet and limited points of access, the project requires carefully planned logistics, and marks the largest and most complex linear infrastructure rehabilitation project ever awarded to the firm.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority – one of the 10 largest water and wastewater utilities in the United States – gave the tunnel project a high priority based on its critical service to as many as 125,000 homes and businesses. Stantec will be examining the conditions of the tunnel and exploring the viability of several rehabilitation or realignment options. Stantec will also manage traffic control, permitting, surveying, hazardous materials handling, and other services related to the design and construction of the new or rehabilitated tunnel. The Massachusetts offices of Hatch Mott MacDonald and Brown and Caldwell are also key subconsultants on the engineering team.