Mobile, Ala. — The Mobile Bay National Estuary Program (NEP) is facilitating stream restoration projects within the Twelve Mile Creek tributary in Mobile, Ala. After a public request for proposal and interview process, Mobile Bay NEP selected the Stantec team to provide planning, design, and engineering services for restoration of approximately 1,300 linear feet of degraded stream in the headwaters of Twelve Mile Creek. The general project area is located within the Upper Watershed — to the south of Old Shell Road between Cody Road and East Drive in the City of Mobile.

The goal of the Twelve Mile Stream Restoration Project is to convert a degraded, channelized segment of Twelve Mile Creek by re-engaging the floodplain, stabilizing channel dimensions, controlling invasive species, reestablishing the riparian vegetation, promoting water quality, and reducing sources of sediment that are impairing the hydrologic function of the lakes at Langan (Municipal) Park.

Stantec’s project manager Denise Brown said, “Our knowledge of the Mobile community and the urban landscape, along with having one of the largest stream restoration groups in the country on staff, will enable us to develop a solution that will be aesthetically pleasing, yet practical.”

In addition, stakeholder engagement is a central part of this project. Stantec, partnering with Mobile Bay NEP, will facilitate public meetings to provide access to design concepts, explain the project and design process, solicit input, and address questions and concerns.

Roberta Swann, Director of Mobile Bay NEP said, “Community input and engaging local citizens through public meetings plays a vital role in the success of the watershed planning process and environmental restoration. The Mobile Bay NEP looks forward to partnering with Stantec to meet with citizens of Mobile to both educate and receive feedback on this project. Communication and stakeholder engagement are critical as we continue to build momentum and further the efforts to revitalize the Three Mile Creek Watershed.”