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Stantec honored with three national ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards

<strong>Stantec honored with three national ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards</strong><strong></strong>

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 16, 2023) TSX, NYSE:STN

Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, received three Engineering Excellence Awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for its Bridging Kentucky program, US 60 Spottsville Bridge replacement, and Flood Predictor technology. The awards were presented during ACEC’s annual gala in Washington, D.C. on June 13.

The ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards honors the year’s most outstanding engineering accomplishments, recognizing engineering firms for projects demonstrating exceptional innovation, complexity, achievement, and value. Projects across the nation are rated on uniqueness and innovative applications; future value to the engineering profession; perception by the public; social, economic, and sustainable development considerations; complexity; and successful fulfillment of client/owner’s needs.

Bridging Kentucky program

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet established the Bridging Kentucky program as a response to the state’s aging bridge infrastructure and limited funding. The program has assessed hundreds of deficient bridges and has utilized cost-effective and timely solutions to meet critical community structure needs. The project development process was streamlined, which decreased the timeline from four years down to 18 months. Creative engineering solutions also decreased project costs by 42 percent.

“Bridging Kentucky has been vital to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s efforts to meet the infrastructure needs statewide”, said Michael Perry, vice president of transportation at Stantec. “Repairing and replacing almost 400 bridges with cost-effective solutions allowed the program to successfully connect more communities across the commonwealth. Bridging Kentucky also created the foundation for the current statewide bridge delivery project.”

US 60 Spottsville Bridge Replacement

Built in 1931, the Spottsville Bridge over the Green River provides connectivity between Owensboro and Henderson. Stantec served as prime consultant and bridge designer on the US 60 Spottsville Bridge replacement in Henderson County, Kentucky. The bridge is heavily traveled by commercial semi-trucks, farm equipment, and barges along the waterway below. The bridge struggled to keep up with modern-day needs, as pier locations were challenging for barge traffic, and a lack of shoulders on the roadway contributed to a high crash rate. Stantec designed a modified Warren truss bridge, extending the bridge deck length to accommodate new piers located out of the water, thereby improving river navigation. Recognizing and meeting the needs of the community, the new bridge was designed to accommodate modern farm machinery and large trucks in the rural farming community. 

Flood Predictor

Last year, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Department (TN ECD), in partnership with Stantec, integrated a new decision-support technology to strengthen its resiliency efforts against flooding statewide. Flood Predictor, a proprietary product developed by Stantec, is a machine learning flood-risk technology informed by more than 30,000 hours of engineered flood modeling. This data provides Tennessee communities with high-quality flood predictions to support disaster planning and hazard mitigation.

Flood Predictor is a Stantec.io digital product that delivers rapid probabilistic flood predictions. As a result, Flood Predictor gives state and local officials the ability to efficiently analyze regional flood risks in near real-time without the need for complex hydrology and hydraulic modeling, which often can take months to deliver.

“Flood Predictor utilizes the latest machine-learning technology combined with traditional modeling and engineering studies to provide real-time, reliable information to decision makers,” said Jeff Albee, vice president and director of digital solutions at Stantec. “This data allows leaders to understand an area’s current flooding risks based on statistical simulations and gives valuable time for action.”

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