Honolulu — Stanley Consultants has expanded its presence in the Pacific Region with a new office in Honolulu. The office provides a central location to support clients and teaming partners on projects in the Pacific, from Alaska to the Philippines, Australia, and beyond.

Stanley Consultants is a global consulting engineering firm that provides services in program management, planning studies, design, architecture, environmental, urban design, and construction management. Establishing a Honolulu office provides a local presence for regional clients as well as access to the firm’s full spectrum of services.

Vice President Richard Stump is the office’s client liaison, providing contract administration, project charrette facilitation and technical coordination, and business development. Stump, who opened the firm’s Guam office in 2010, has 20 years of experience leading and contributing to projects in over 20 countries worldwide.

“The pivot to the Pacific has been under way for several years and a number of our important clients and partners are based here in Hawai’i,” says Stump. “Stanley Consultants has a long history of engineering leadership in the Pacific Islands. We look forward to joining the ‘ohana of architecture, engineering, and environmental professionals in the Hawai’ian islands on a permanent basis, and making positive, long-term contributions to solve engineering challenges throughout the Pacific.”

For decades the firm has served all branches of the US military and is currently performing a property records update at several DOD installations in Oahu. Over the past 10 years the firm has provided engineering, design, and consulting services to several electric utilities in the Hawai'ian Islands, supporting their power generation, power delivery, and renewable energy initiatives. “Stanley Consultants is proud to have been of service to the electric utilities of Hawai'i and looks forward to increasing our level of service from our new Honolulu location,” said Kevin Cavanaugh, Stanley Consultants' Power Market Leader.

Stanley Consultants’ impact in the Pacific island nations dates back to the 1970s when the firm assisted the National Electrification Administration in bringing electricity to the rural Philippines. Since that time, Stanley Consultants has worked throughout the Pacific islands and Western Pacific countries, including Hawai’i, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Guam, the Solomon Islands, Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Australia.