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STACK and Followup CRM help contractors grow by streamlining processes

STACK and Followup CRM help contractors grow by streamlining processes

Industry-leading preconstruction SaaS launches integration that offers an all-in-one data collection and analysis platform 

CINCINNATI — STACK Construction Technologies, a leading cloud-based preconstruction collaboration software for construction contractors, has announced an integration with Followup CRM, an all-in-one construction CRM that allows contractors to easily store and keep data on a cloud-based platform.

The integration combines STACK’s preconstruction software with Followup CRM’s industry-leading relationship management tool that was designed specifically for contractors. The partnership makes it easier for STACK clients to communicate with team members and leads by allowing access to important data on a singular platform.

“In the construction industry, the amount of time it takes to track leads or jobs can be detrimental to the overall success of a company,” said Phillip Ogilby, CEO and co-founder of STACK.  “This partnership helps contractors save time by allowing them access to data in a matter of seconds and communicate efficiently with team members from anywhere. With this integration, contractors no longer have to worry about the hassle of spreadsheets or manually tracking jobs or tasks. The software will automatically present the necessary data to help contractors focus on the most important task: completing the job on time.”

In addition to saving contractors time, the integration provides information that allows construction companies to make strategic business decisions. For STACK users, Followup CRM allows contractors to streamline the sales process while providing lists of all activities and due dates that can be easily tracked.

By leveraging reports and analytics, the integration empowers contractors to think strategically by providing data that better equips them to make business decisions. The partnership utilizes preconstruction data with actual numbers to help contractors highlight differences in projects to better understand successes and potential problem areas for future projects.

“Our software was designed with contractors in mind,” said Erick Vargas, COO at Followup CRM. “Integrating with STACK presented an opportunity to further streamline management processes by creating detailed reports that help our clients stay organized and focused on providing quality work. This integration equips our clients with a toolset that gives them a true competitive advantage in the industry.”