ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. — St Petersburg College’s Corporate Training Department announced it will partner with Green Energy Engineering (GEE) to provide online classes for professional engineers who need Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

GEE is a continuing education company that offers classes in DVD format to professional engineers who need to earn credits to renew their licenses. Two GEE courses will be offered starting July 26: “Principles of Engineering Economy”; and “Incremental Investment and Incremental Return.” Under the partnership agreement, the classes may be taken through SPC’s online learning program. “Principles of Engineering Economy” is based on the 17-chapter college textbook of the same name. It explains the time value of money, how to compute net present worth, how to determine the rate of return on a project, and many other concepts. “Incremental Investment and Incremental Return” demonstrates how spending an additional $1,000 in capital can return $15,000 or more during the life of a project. It does so by presenting an engineering and financial computer model that minimizes the long-term monthly loan payments of a capital project while minimizing the monthly energy cost.

“Partnering with Green Energy Engineering gives professional engineers another choice of how their continuing education is delivered," said James Connolly, director of SPC’s Corporate Training Department. "Students will find that our online training is easy, efficient, and cost effective. GEE’s classes were recorded in a classroom before a live audience and will keep the student engaged. Both courses apply to every engineering discipline.”

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