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Spirax Sarco Introduces New Clean Steam Generator

Spirax Sarco Introduces New Clean Steam Generator

Clean Steam Generator for Healthcare reduces the risk of wet packs and is the solution for high-quality steam dryness in the sterilization process of hospitals.

Blythewood, South Carolina (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spirax Sarco, the global leader in steam system engineering and management has expanded its product line to include the new Clean Steam Generator (CSG) for Healthcare. This new product solution is used to produce sterile steam and reduce the risk of wet packs. This exciting new release will help customers resolve a well-known industry problem and provide medical facilities with a packaged solution to help minimize the risks associated with poor sterilization, allowing them to consistently and reliably meet strict steam quality standards.

“Spirax Sarco is the clean steam generator provider that you can depend on to provide reliable steam quality to your sterilization department at all times, because our solution has been rigorously tested to remove steam quality as a potential cause for wet packs.” said Chris Glass, CSG Product Manager.

According to Glass, Spirax Sarco’s unique testing plan ensures that the new design consistently exceeds required standards in steam dryness. This new solution has been rigorously tested to diagnose issues and maintain compliance under operational conditions. As a result, the quality of steam meets all the latest requirements, including a dryness factor higher than AAMI ST79 throughout the entire sterilization cycle.

More information on Spirax Sarco’s Clean Steam Generator for Healthcare is available online at www.spiraxsarco.com/us or by calling (800) 883-4411, or email at orders@spirax.com.