01. Concrete architectural pavers

Tectura Designs introduced a 1-inch-thick Thin Paver that the company said has the strength of its 2- to 4-inch-thick counterparts but results in lower freight costs. The Thin Paver performance features include compressive strength averages of more than 9,500 psi and flexural strength averages of more than 800 psi. The pavers are available in five standard sizes — 12 inches by 24 inches, and 12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches square — plus custom plank styles. Eighteen standard colors are available with options for customization, including Tectura Designs’ four-color blend technology.

02. Modular bridge

U.S. Bridge offers the Liberty Bridge created from prefabricated panels and assembled in modules. Featuring 8-foot by 12-foot welded panels, the Liberty Bridge Series can be configured and installed quickly without special equipment, according to the company. Made of new, domestic steel, the Liberty Bridge can be launched or set with the use of a crane. With all-bolted connections, the bridge functions without the need for pins or other proprietary parts or designs. Floor-to-truss framing connections are engineered according to AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications.

03. Thin limestone panels

Indiana Limestone Company details its line of thin limestone construction panels in a new website, https://lightlimestone.com. Indiana Limestone Company’s panels are 80 percent lighter than solid stone slabs of the same width and length, which can enable savings in structural requirements, labor, shipping, and construction-site equipment. The panels have 60 times the impact resistance of solid slabs they’re produced from, the company said, and they deliver enhanced flexural strength and weather extreme freeze-thaw cycles well. Also available from the site are three-part specifications, CAD details, and BIM objects.