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Specify – February 2019

Specify – February 2019

Hollow-core retaining wall blocks

Redi-Rock International’s Redi-Rock XL Hollow-Core Retaining blocks are twice the height of standard Redi-Rock blocks and available in widths of 52, 72, or 96 inches. According to the company, the benefits of integrating Redi-Rock XL blocks into walls include the ability to build taller gravity walls, streamline installation with twice as much face coverage for each machine-set XL block, save on shipping costs due to the hollow-core design, and optimize walls by mixing and matching XL blocks where needed and standard blocks when possible. Engineering and installation resources accompany the launch of Redi-Rock XL.

Redi-Rock International


Metal framing system

Studco Building Systems’ engineers designed the Vortex High Performance Framing System to address the variable surfaces of modern concrete structures and the stresses and tension that tall buildings experience in high winds. This lightweight steel framing system reduces stress and tension from the building’s internal framing by using features such as rigid beams which increases stiffness and resists buckling, anti-tension kerfs which limits deformation where the substrate is extremely uneven, and isolation clips to eliminate metal-on-metal contact at the bases of wall studs, door jambs, and ceiling wall track sections. These features significantly reduce the creaking sound in tall buildings, the company said.

Studco Building Systems


Stormwater and septic chambers

CULTEC changed the design of its plastic stormwater and septic chambers to improve product integrity and provide safer handling and a fresh look. The company added a thin, blue “sunblock” layer to the chambers, which contains a special formulation to protect against ultraviolet and weathering damage. The blue color also reduces the surface temperature of the chambers in direct sunlight. The inside surface of the chamber continues to be black. The new color designation will also allow for quicker identification of heavy-duty, traffic-rated chambers (blue) versus standard-duty versions (black).