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Source expands its same-day delivery service, bringing its large digital product catalog to six new cities across the country

PORTLAND, OR — Portland-based commercial construction startup, Source, announced the expansion of it’s resource centers into six major U.S cities. The resource centers will give local design and architecture firms, as well as developers and manufacturers, access to Source’s digital platform and concierge services, material libraries, and same-day sample ordering.

In addition to established resource centers in Portland and Seattle, Source is expanding its full suite of services to NYC, Honolulu, Chicago and Phoenix. Through its partner, JLL Commercial Real Estate, Source has located its operations in the middle of each city’s design hub, further cementing its place in the local design community. Furthermore, its partnership with PRO manufacturers allows commercial architects and design professionals access to Source’s platform and resource centers at no additional cost.

Source’s proprietary platform seamlessly connects the designer’s digital and physical workflows. By utilizing the tech-enabled resource centers, architects and designers see a 10x reduction in administrative overhead with better access to samples, specification tools and curated product data.

Since its launch, Source has brought transparency and efficiency to an aging design process. Source’s digital platform has transformed the traditional design process for its users. In the past, design professionals relied on rolodexes and boxes filled with sample materials. With Source’s technology, design teams now have access to a digital product catalog and sample ordering platform of 180,000+ commercial building products. With over 1,800+ brands on the platform, Source is the largest digital design and construction library focused solely on the contract market.

“Traditional commercial interior design methods are not efficient, especially under strict timeframes, ” says Source Founder and CEO Nicole Schdmidt.

“Source has redesigned that model and allows professionals to come to one transparent and easy to use platform. Through industry-leading data, on-demand experts and manufacturer connections, Source is a centralized hub for designers to connect and make fast and stress-free product decisions.”

Beyond the standardized data and digital finish schedule builder for hundreds of thousands of products, Source also offers same-day delivery of library materials, centralized contact information and messaging with product representatives and dedicated product librarians to offer support, and digital layout tables to help users create stunning digital palettes and visualize their projects. When using Source, professionals can stop hunting down products and start sourcing them.