World leading noise-mapping software developer, SoundPLAN, has released version 5.1 of its SoundPLANessential software.

SoundPLANessential can calculate the noise emissions from roads, railways and industry sources. It is designed for the occasional users who only have an infrequent requirement for noise impact assessment.  The software provides a simple and quick noise model generation, a straight forward application of noise modelling standards and creates reliable tabular and graphical results with the investment of minimal time.

SoundPLANessential version 5.1 includes the amendments to the Building Acoustics-Outside calculation due to changes in EN ISO 12354-3:2017, relating to the estimation of the acoustic performance of buildings. The Building Acoustics-Outside calculation features predicts the required acoustic transmission loss based on outdoor noise impact and occupancy (e.g., bedroom, living space,..).

The software also incorporates an update to the award-winning[1] NoizCalc noise prediction software which predicts the noise emissions from sound systems at open air events, giving a graphical overview during the planning of the stage setup. SoundPLANessential v5.1 provides users with a loading option of NoizCalc projects.

The software also includes a number of features and improvements added to the previous version of SoundPLANessential. This includes a convenient map interface, which allows the user to easily transfer background maps from Google Maps as well as import data from OpenStreetMap. The elevation data provided by Google Maps can be imported and used as a basis for your terrain model. This allows you to import your data model almost anywhere in the world without much effort.

For industrial noise, a convenient operation calculator has been implemented, to account for operating times / schedules and the emission of moving sound sources.

[1] SoundPLAN and d&b audiotechnik together won two awards in 2016. These were an innovation award at Plasa 2016 – the event run by the leading international trade association for live entertainment technology – and Audio Product of the Year at the AVAwards.

The new software version also includes new noise modelling standards with CNOSSOS-EU (road, rail and industrial noise), including the German and Austrian editions.

SoundPLANessential 5.1 is free of charge update to existing SoundPLANessential 5.0 users.

SoundPLAN also offers a fully comprehensive software solution, SoundPLANnoise, suitable for all aspects of community noise control, noise at the workplace or room acoustics, from small community projects to nationwide noise mapping.

For more information about SoundPLAN’s noise simulation software and services for environmental and room acoustics visit the website at or email our USA distributor ( or our team in Germany at