Solar-powered fabric a proven technology

Colin Touhey is CEO and Co-Founder of Pvilion. Pvilion is a developer of solar-powered fabric located in Brooklyn, NY with a commitment to high tech photovoltaic fabric design. Pvilion’s innovative solar-powered designs are at the forefront of lightweight, sustainable consumer, industrial, military, and architectural products. Pvilion’s projects provide more than just solar electricity – they are a green solution with a story to tell. Pvilion often works with forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious companies who are trying to extend their sustainable initiatives.

Before starting Pvilion, Mr. Touhey worked as an engineer in the wind and ocean current energy industry designing and developing unique technologies for turbine controls. In 2009, he gained experience in solar fabric as an engineer for FTL Solar, a predecessor to Pvilion. There he met Pvilion Co-Founders, Robert Lerner, and Todd Dalland, which led to the development of Pvilion as a technology company.

Mr. Touhey received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. He is an adjunct professor at Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation and a visiting lecturer at Cornell University College of Architecture. Recipient of Grant funding from NASA, Department of Defense, NYSERDA, Member of ATP Board of Directors and recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30, Mr. Touhey is often called on to share his expertise in the integration of flexible solar cells and textiles with Industry Leaders, Designers, International Brands, Universities, and Research Facilities.