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Society of Fire Protection Engineers Announces SFPE Guide to Fire Risk Assessment, 2nd edition

Society of Fire Protection Engineers Announces SFPE Guide to Fire Risk Assessment, 2nd edition

The Society of Fire Protection Engineers – the world’s leading professional society for fire protection and fire safety engineering – is pleased to announce the release of a new engineering guide: SFPE Guide to Fire Risk Assessment, 2nd edition.

The SFPE Guide to Fire Risk Assessment provides guidance to qualified practitioners in developing, selecting, and using fire risk assessment methodologies for the design, construction, and operation of buildings, facilities, or processes. It also addresses fire risk acceptability, the role of fire risk assessment and fire risk management in the fire safety design process, and associated communication/monitoring of fire risk. The guide includes a new flow chart that outlines the risk-assessment process, along with new information related to:

  • Risk perception
  • F-N curves
  • Risk communication
  • Residual risk management
  • Risk monitoring
  • Sensitivity analysis

“Understanding the topic of fire risk assessment is essential to gaining insight into and characterizing fire-related risks to better inform the wide range of decisions that should be made concerning a building, facility, or process as part of the design, construction, or operation,” stated Chris Jelenewicz, PE, FSFPE, Chief Engineer, Society of Fire Protection Engineers. “As a result, implementing a fire risk assessment can lead to a safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective design — especially for fire engineers implementing a performance-based strategy, as it explicitly ad­dresses unique aspects or uses.”

The new SFPE Guide to Fire Risk Assessment, 2nd edition is available for prices beginning at $139.00, with an additional 40% discount to SFPE members. The 160-page guide is available in various formats from SFPE. Institutional licensing options are available to academic, government, and corporate entities from SFPE.

A complete table of contents, purchase options, and additional information is available from SFPE at sfpe.org or from Springer at link.springer.com.