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Smith Currie Named Construction Law Firm of the Year

Smith Currie Named Construction Law Firm of the Year

The back side of a central hospital in London with the lights on at dusk. Construction site on the right for residential homes.

ATLANTA Smith Currie, one of the nation’s most recognized construction and government contracts law firms, announced it was named 2021 Construction Law Firm of the Year by Chambers and Partners USA, and its deputy editors. The award is particularly significant because Chambers and Partners USA delivers insight and analysis on the global legal profession that is unrivalled in its reach and depth.

The USA deputy editors at Chambers and Partners USA noted that Smith Currie’s expertise in healthcare-related construction positioned the firm well to assist clients providing essential construction services across the U.S. in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The firm’s ability to help guide clients through the pandemic helped place Smith Currie as the choice for Construction Law Firm of the Year.

“In a challenging year for the sector, clients looked to the construction specialists at Smith Currie for guidance though the unprecedented turbulence of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Maddy Vincent, deputy editor USA, with Chambers and Partners USA. “Smith Currie’s COVID-19 task force played a key role advising developers, owners, contractors, and subcontractors on the latest pandemic-related developments, assisting them in remaining operational as lockdowns, delays, furloughs, and materials shortages rocked the sector.” The firm’s task force was led by Scott Walters.

Smith Currie was nominated for this award and chosen as the winner largely based upon client input received through the Chambers and Partners USA thorough ranking methodology.

Smith Currie was evaluated for recent work and compared against other law practices. The USA deputy editors conducted a series of interviews with Smith Currie clients and other construction attorneys and used information ascertained through the submission and interview process to evaluate Smith Currie’s technical legal ability; client service; depth of team; commercial vision and business understanding; diligence; economic value; and other factors.

“We are very honored to be recognized by Chambers and Partners USA,” said Eric Nelson, managing partner at Smith Currie. “This award is a true testament to Smith Currie’s pre-eminence across the country, and it reflects our firm’s outstanding work, impressive strategic growth, and excellence in client service.”

This is not the first time Smith Currie has been recognized by Chambers and Partners USA. Smith Currie was most recently moved from Band 3 to Band 2 in the 2020 Chambers and Partners USA law firm rankings. This transition was based upon progression in Smith Currie’s technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence, and commitment. The highest a law firm can be categorized is Band 1. Eleven Smith Currie attorneys, across the firm’s eight nationwide offices, have been individually ranked and recognized in their respective states by Chambers and Partners USA, with Eric Nelson being nationally ranked in Band 1. Learn more: www.smithcurrie.com.