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Smarter AI Leads the Charge in AI Video Telematics

Smarter AI Leads the Charge in AI Video Telematics

Las Vegas / Singapore.

Smarter AI – the leader in AI cameras and enablement software with precision AI for trusted data and decisions – was named in a recent report by global technology market advisory firm ABI Research. The report states that AI for ADAS, cabin monitoring, and DMS is powering a “29% CAGR in video solution shipments by 2026, generating revenues exceeding US$8 billion.” The report examines the factors driving demand for AI video telematics and provides an in-depth application analysis report, which includes Smarter AI’s software-defined cameras, growing ecosystem of AI models and developers, and expanding global deployments.

Ahead of the Curve

Prior to the release of the report, Smarter AI had announced partnerships with multiple developers of AI models for commercial video telematics, including Brodmann17, Cochl, Edgetensor, General Magic, Irida Labs, Jungo Connectivity, and PathPartner.

“Regulatory measures are bringing more technology into fleets. The tremendous growth in e-commerce is also bolstering last-mile deliveries and associated drivers, many without previous commercial driving experience,” explains Susan Beardslee, ABI Research’s Principal Analyst, Freight Transportation & Logistics. “All these factors are driving demand for dashcams, driver monitoring systems, external cameras, and ADAS solutions.”

Software-Defined Cameras

Because each camera use case requires unique AI models and programming, Smarter AI software-defined cameras scale camera use cases by separating the video, AI and application planes, and enable users to program AI like apps on a phone. Smarter AI software-defined cameras are supported by AI Store™, the company’s growing ecosystem of AI models and developers.

“Together with our AI model partners, Smarter AI software-defined cameras enable precision AI for video telematics, including forward collision, lane departure, and pedestrian collision warnings,” said Chris Piche, Founder of Smarter AI. “Our platform can also monitor and improve cabin and driver safety, reduce insurance costs, and help resolve vehicle-involved incidents.

Flexible Deployment and Integration

Smarter AI supports new and legacy cameras with Smarter AI Cameras, Smarter AI Gateways, and other leading AI camera systems powered by the Smarter AI Platform.

Smarter AI APIs enable integration with legacy devices, sensors and systems, including fleet management, telematics, and video telematics systems.

Growing Deployments

Carriers, device makers and service providers are using Smarter AI to deploy precision AI for trusted data and decisions. Smarter AI Cameras, Smarter AI Gateways, and third-party cameras based on the Smarter AI Platform have been deployed to millions of endpoints worldwide.

For more information about Smarter AI, visit https://smarterai.camera.