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Smarter AI Accelerates Growth with Opening of New European Office in Geneva

Smarter AI Accelerates Growth with Opening of New European Office in Geneva

New office expansion enables Smarter AI to accelerate growth in professional services customer support, and partnerships

Smarter AI, a leader in AI cameras and enablement software, today announced its expansion into Europe with the opening of an office in Geneva, to accommodate the company’s rapid growth and leverage within its diverse high-technology talent pool.

With headquarters in Las Vegas and international offices in Dubai and Singapore, the new office space increases the footprint and supports the company’s growth strategy. These additional office locations come after the company closed its last funding round with $30M from investors. Continuing its fast paced roadmap, Smarter AI will further serve to provide closer proximity for partnerships, customers, and talent acquisition purposes worldwide.

“This is a very exciting time for Smarter AI as we’ve seen rapid growth over the last year and significantly expanding our international presence is an essential step to support this progression,” said CEO and founder of Smarter AI, Chris Piche. “With so much talent worldwide and a vast array of business opportunities, we are pleased to be opening a European offices to continue advancing our AI camera’s to new heights.”

Helping to lead innovation and Smarter AI’s rapid growth, both offices will be managed by Claude Hochreutiner, Smarter AI’s Director of Product and Data Management. Claude has been with Smarter AI since 2018 and been active in the CCTV and IoT industry for more than 15 years. He brings his knowledge and experience from being involved in large, complex CCTV and access control systems in landmark projects for the Paris Subway, the New Doha International Airport (NDIA), Heathrow Terminal 5 and working for leading security companies such as General Electric, Thales, Schneider Electric and Bosch.

Smarter AI enables camera users to download AI models just as easily as apps on a phone. All cameras are supported by the AI Store™ with a growing ecosystem of AI developers and models, including cabin, driver, and vehicle safety. Smarter AI APIs enable integration with legacy devices, sensors and systems, including fleet management, smart cities, transportation safety, telematics, and video telematics systems.

For more information please visit: https://smarterai.camera.

About Smarter AI

Smarter AI is an enablement software platform for AI cameras that see, listen, and understand.  Smarter AI delivers vehicle camera and computer vision solutions for safer and smarter transportation, operations, and cities.  Because each use case requires unique AI models, Smarter AI cameras:

  • Download AI like apps on a phone, and are

  • Supported by AI Store™, our growing ecosystem of AI models and developers, to

  • Enable any camera network with precision AI for trusted data and decisions

Smarter AI has been deployed by carriers, device makers, and service providers to millions of endpoints worldwide. More information is available at https://smarterai.camera.