NEW YORK — Skanska has been awarded a design/build contract for a new rail tunnel in New York. U.S. Skanska’s share of the contract amount is 52 million, which will be included in second-quarter order bookings. Skanska has a 20-percent share of the total contract amount, which is 258 million.

The contract relates to the Palisades Tunnel, which is part of the new Trans-Hudson Express Project (THE Project). With the construction of THE Project, N.J. transit will double its rail capacity between New Jersey and New York.

Palisades Tunnel comprises twin tunnels each about 1,600 meters long that will be open-cut and bored using a TBM (tunnel boring machine). The finished internal diameter of the tunnels will be approximately 7.2 meters. A large shaft measuring about 36 meter in diameter and six tunnel cross passages also form part of the project. Work on the project has commenced and will be completed in December 2013.

The design/build project is being performed by Skanska USA Civil as part of a consortium that also includes Schiavone and Shea, which have shares of 50 and 30 percent, respectively. In New York, Skanska is also extending the subway lines 7th line and 2nd Avenue line with the same partners.

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