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Simpson Strong-Tie Releases 2022 Year-in-Review List Highlighting Best New Products, Innovations, and Building Solutions

<strong>Simpson Strong-Tie Releases 2022 Year-in-Review List Highlighting Best New Products, Innovations, and Building Solutions</strong>

Pleasanton, Calif. — Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, today released its annual Year-in-Review List, highlighting major new product launches, structural engineering solutions, and other industry innovations introduced over the past twelve months.

New Simpson Strong-Tie building solutions in 2022 included product innovations for a variety of construction materials and applications ranging from light-frame and mass timber to asphalt and pavement reinforcement to structural and cold-formed steel — all developed to help engineers, architects, installers, and homeowners design and build safer, stronger residential and commercial structures.

Home Improvement

Fence Planner Software™: Featuring 3D software, design guides, and an in-app user tutorial, the free web-based design software joins Deck Planner Software™ and Pergola Planner Software™ as a full suite of intuitive tools and resources for designing and building stronger, more beautiful pergolas, dream backyards, and outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Accents® 2″ Screw: Ideal as a decorative structural fastener for use with either the Mission Collection® or Avant Collection™ within the Outdoor Accents line, the new 2″ structural wood screw can also be used separately to add flair to any outdoor project. With this new addition, the Outdoor Accents structural wood screw is now available in three sizes: 2″, 3½”, and 5½”.

Building with CLT and Other Mass Timber Products

Mass Timber Connectors and Fasteners: An expanded collection of versatile, high-performance products includes the newly launched ACBH aluminum concealed beam hanger, the LDSS steel spline, a 10 mm screw, a tension strap, and an angle bracket. Backed by a robust inventory and distribution system, along with first-rate service, support, and training, the solutions will enable mass timber projects to be built stronger, faster, and more easily than ever.

Fasteners and Cordless Driving Systems

Quik Drive® PROHSD Wood-to-Steel Solution: Winner of a 2022 Pro Tool Innovation Award, the PROHSD provides a faster, more reliable, more ergonomic fastening system designed to boost efficiency and performance for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and truck bed manufacturers as they produce trailer floor and truck bed assemblies.

Quik Drive® Cordless PROCCS+: Designed to improve speed, reliability, and user comfort for a wide variety of subflooring, underlayment, and decking applications, the PROCCS+ Multi-Purpose Combo System is a lightweight, cordless version of the popular Quik Drive auto-feed screw driving system for collated fasteners, designed to help increase speed while eliminating tripping and electrical shock hazards on the jobsite.

Asphalt Pavement Reinforcement Technologies

Carbophalt™ and Glasphalt™ Reinforcement Grids: Proven to limit water penetration and crack reflection in road surfaces caused by heavy traffic, weather, and structural fatigue, the new asphalt reinforcement grids increase the service life of roadbeds and eliminate the need for spot interventions like crack bridging and road patching, significantly improving the sustainability and longevity of asphalt-paved road surfaces in North America.

Systems for Structural Steel

Edge-Tie™ Cladding to Steel System: Designed to replace field-welded bent plate pour stops with a high-strength, straight-edge, channeled steel beam that accepts bolted connections to facilitate easy cladding installations without the need for welding, the Edge-Tie system provides building owners and contractors with an innovative, easy-to-install cladding connection to reduce overall construction time and costs while providing built-in resiliency and fast repair after natural disasters.

Cold-Formed Steel Construction

Strong-Drive® PPHD Sheathing-to-CFS Screw: Designed as an update to the existing PPSD Sheathing-to-CFS screw, the PPHD features a larger #5 pilot point with a longer flute and comes in popular #8 sizes. A multipurpose, self-drilling, pilot-point screw suitable for attaching sheathing, drywall, or subflooring to cold-formed steel framing, the PPHD has buttress threads and a new dog-eared point for improved drilling performance through sheathing and metal.

For more information on Simpson Strong-Tie building solutions, including product photography as well as news releases detailing 2022 contributions to charitable causes and industry growth, visit news.strongtie.com.