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Simpson Strong-Tie Launches Quik Drive® Wood-to-Steel Trailer Floor Fastening Solution for OEMs and Truck Bed Manufacturers

Simpson Strong-Tie Launches Quik Drive® Wood-to-Steel Trailer Floor Fastening Solution for OEMs and Truck Bed Manufacturers

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions,  announced the debut of the Simpson Strong-Tie® Quik Drive® PROHSD Wood-to-Steel solution, a faster, more reliable,  more ergonomic fastening system designed to boost efficiency and performance for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and truck bed manufacturers as they produce trailer floor and truck bed assemblies.

The Quik Drive PROHSD solution consists of a family of auto-feed screw driving systems and wood-to-steel fasteners. To the existing PROHSD60 and PROHSD75 Wood-to-Steel products and Strong-Drive® TB Wood-to-Steel screws, Simpson Strong-Tie is adding enhanced variations: the PROHSD60M and PROHSD75M tools, and a new high-performing Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screw.

The Quik Drive PROHSD60M and PROHSD75M tools have been modified with a new nosepiece that provides greater stability when driving the robust Strong-Drive TB and TF Wood-to-Steel fasteners.

The PROHSD60M drives the 1 ¾″ (45mm) and 2 3/8″ (60mm) Strong-Drive TB Wood-to-Steel screws and is an ideal solution for applications where wood is installed over steel up to 1/4″ thick. For heavier-duty applications where steel member thickness is 1/4″ to 15/32”, the PROHSD75M and 3″ (75mm) 6-lobe-drive Strong-Drive TF Wood-to-Steel screws are recommended.

To enhance the performance of these PROHSD solutions, Simpson Strong-Tie provides a variety of extensions to allow for more ergonomic stand-up driving.  A new optional Foot Step accessory is being introduced that attaches to the extension and allows for additional pressure to be applied while driving through the steel member.

These load-rated TB and TF screws are designed for performance and productivity, and install 26% faster than traditional methods while eliminating the need to predrill. The screws also have been designed with a self-drilling point and wings for boring through wood, self-tapping threads that securely fasten into steel, and a flat head with nibs that provides pull-through resistance while easily countersinking into wood surfaces.

Combining the Quik Drive PROHSD60M and PROHSD75M auto-feed tools with Strong-Drive TF and TB Wood-to-Steel fasteners, these solutions provide truck bed and trailer floor assemblers with the perfect combination of speed and ease. These Quik Drive systems yield a double productivity punch of improved handling and accuracy with significant reduction of user fatigue.

“When it comes to fastening wood to steel, our Quik Drive PROHSD solutions offer builders and manufacturers high quality, high performance and reliability,” says Simpson Strong-Tie product manager Brandon Ward. “Designed for user comfort, speed and ease, these unique solutions eliminate the need for predrilling and improves productivity to help streamline and economize manufacturing processes and strengthen the end product.”

Ideal for any job that requires attaching wood to steel in most any high-paced manufacturing environment, the Quik Drive Wood-to-Steel solution includes:

  • PROHSD60M and PROHSD75M tools with a re-designed nosepiece for greater stability and more accurate driving
  • Optional integrated foot step for applying additional pressure when driving through steel
  • Heavy-duty, load-rated Strong-Drive TB and TF Wood-to-Steel screws with self-drilling points and self-tapping threads
  • Stand-up driving extensions that relieve stress on knees, back and shoulders
  • Optional driver motors equipped with Quik Drive adapters are also available

All components are sold separately.

To learn more about how the versatile and innovative Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive Wood-to-Steel solution can make your next job easier, visit strongtie.com/prohsd.