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Coming to the new 2024 International Residential Code (IRC)

LAS VEGAS – Today, the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) announced the launch of its Stronger Standards, Exceptional Structures campaign, in preparation for the release of the new 2024 International Residential Code (IRC).

The International Code Council (ICC) is set to release the new IRC, which includes a significant update related to post-tensioned slab-on-ground design and construction. The newly added Section R506.2—Post-tensioned slab-on-ground floors—requires that post-tensioned concrete slab-on-ground floors, on expansive or stable soils, be designed in accordance with PTI DC10.5.

“This code change will benefit stakeholders across the residential design and construction spectrum by improving the quality of materials and workmanship for post-tensioned slab-on-ground floors,” said Tim Christle, Executive Vice President for PTI.

The Stronger Standards, Exceptional Structures campaign showcases the IRC code change and how it will improve quality, for both materials and labor, of post-tensioned concrete, slab-on-ground floors. Post-tensioning (PT) materials used in this construction will need to be supplied by Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI)-certified (or equal) plants, and the installation and stressing of these materials will need to be performed by PTI-certified field personnel. This campaign promotes the positive benefits of the code change, including the quality improvement gained through the superior materials used, and better trained and educated personnel involved in the construction process.

The goal of this campaign is to educate a wide range of individuals from licensed design professionals and building inspectors to homebuilders, contractors, and homeowners on the importance of this code change and how it will affect (and benefit) them.

 “In addition to elevating construction quality and durability,” said Christle. “Other benefits of the revised code requirements include streamlining the construction process and achieving potential cost savings.”

Additional benefits include:

  • Higher quality post-tensioning (PT) system materials manufactured by certified plants.
  • Higher quality installation and stressing of PT materials by PTI-certified field personnel.
  • Improved safety during stressing of PT tendons due to training and education received by certified field personnel.
  • Schedule savings from more efficient PT operations and fewer issues coordinating PT with other trades on the project.
  • Fewer troubleshooting incidences (for the contractor and licensed design professional) that are more commonly encountered when using non-certified personnel.
  • Improved structural durability and lower life-cycle costs due to higher-quality materials and workmanship.
  • Fewer homebuilder warranty issues and greater risk mitigation.

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