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Ship & Shore Environmental: 2021 Was a Year of Ongoing Growth and International Outreach

Ship & Shore Environmental: 2021 Was a Year of Ongoing Growth and International Outreach

Long Beach, CA – Despite persistent risks, virus variants, and supply chain challenges, the world continues its march from the global pandemic into economic recovery. Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. (S&SE), a pioneer of clean air technologies, finished off a very productive year executing plans to continuously assist its clientele, consisting of small and large scale companies, weather the COVID storm, while continuing to expand and contribute to meaningful community outreach initiatives. Finding unrelenting success amid so many economic headwinds and maintaining environmental stewardship for over 21 years, shows why S&SE deserved to be classified as an “essential business” in 2020, and why it will continue to be essential to the clean air industry by engineering and providing innovative air pollution control solutions that clean the earth and allow us to breathe cleaner air.

Industry Assistance
In the spring of 2020, as the world went on lockdown and businesses adapted almost overnight to new operational models and macro conditions, S&SE rolled out its Controls Upgrade Program. This involved upgrading oxidizer equipment for lower maintenance risks, assistance with virtual private network (VPN) setup for remote systems management, and an expanded customer service and remote support team. In 2021, S&SE saw continuing and increasing uptake in customer adoption of Controls Upgrade Program options, with the result that more clients experienced fewer maintenance issues and much higher levels of operational responsiveness, especially when considering labor conditions and workplace distancing restrictions.
S&SE also upped its outreach in various vertical markets to help existing and potential clients navigate the maze of regulations surrounding environmental compliance, certifications, and incentives program offers. Incentives can be particularly important in a challenging economy, when businesses could realize potentially millions of dollars in government rewards at a time when regular revenue may be stunted. Several S&SE clients took advantage of S&SE’s expertise and help to secure incentive funding, which then went straight to their bottom lines and significantly improved ROI on sorely needed facilities improvements.

Vertical Market Development
S&SE ended 2020 with a strong push to bring its pollution abatement technologies to the maturing biogas market. Biogas is well known for its ability to convert organic waste into energy, but the process entails the creation of carbon dioxide, methane, and other environmentally deleterious compounds. S&SE doubled down in 2021 to bring its Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs), Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizers (DFTOs), Multi-Stage Combustion Thermal Oxidizers, Scrubbers, and Removal Vessels to this market through a combination of education, marketing, and municipal cooperation. Realized revenue increased in this space across multiple projects, and S&SE expects 2022 to deliver even higher results as demand for abatement solutions continues to mount in sync with growing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance throughout the energy sector.
In July 2021, S&SE carried this energy sector effort to a large audience of prospective adopters at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo (FEW) in Des Moines, IA. S&SE presented on waste energy recovery solutions, custom solution engineering, common deployment missteps, and many other topics. Throughout its more than 21 years, S&SE has consistently worked to support such trade events and provide pollution abatement education to the broadest possible audiences.

Building the Future
Education outreach goes beyond conventional trade channels. S&SE has long worked to develop the next generation of environmental engineers wherever possible, especially in K-12 and university-level education. The Engineering Mentorship Program S&SE started in 2019 continued during 2021. The program drew media attention when one high school student interning at S&SE developed a more cost-effective, down-scaled version of S&SE’s Korozon system that combined water and activated oxygen to produce a mist that would help sterilize indoor surfaces without generating harmful byproducts.
Interns in the mentorship program also tackled tasks across marketing, data collection, and engineering. Meanwhile, S&SE continues to work with local universities and schools. The company hopes to expand this program in the coming year as health conditions allow.
“The pandemic brought the world many challenges,” says S&SE President and CEO Anoosheh Oskouian. “But challenge always brings opportunity. For example, the news is now full of images showing ports clogged with massive ships that cannot dock. Those ships are impacting the waters and ecologies of major coasts. We are now working in many areas to help local groups with strategies and solutions. And as that awareness and those strategies bear fruit, we will see these solutions go on to help in other areas, for future generations and years to come. I’m excited to see how we will continue to help protect our shared global environment in 2022.”