SHARC Energy Welcomes Washington State’s Building Electrification Mandate

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SHARC International Systems Inc. (CSE: SHRC) (FSE: IWIA) (OTCQB: INTWF) (“SHARC Energy” or the “Company”), a world leader in energy transfer from wastewater, commends Washington for being the first US state to incorporate building electrification mandates into statewide energy codes. Beginning in 2023, builders are required to install electric heat pumps for heating and cooling in new commercial buildings and multi-family residences. According to an analysis by Rocky Mountain Institute, restricting the use of natural gas in buildings in Washington alone can eliminate 8.1 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2050.

SHARC Energy’s technology is already supporting Seattle and Washington State in meeting its goal of reducing carbon emissions from buildings, which was the State’s fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2015, while producing reduced heating and cooling costs. The Company’s PIRANHA Wastewater Energy Transfer (“WET”) Series, which is a self-contained WET heat pump, is installed or scheduled to be installed in the following projects owned by Sustainable Living Innovation:

The PIRANHA WET system is an electrical hot water system that extracts thermal energy from wastewater and uses it to provide 100% of its hot water production at an average year-round efficiency of 400%. Every dollar of energy used to operate the system generates four dollars of output. The PIRANHA HC almost doubles that efficiency as this model provides simultaneous cooling as a by-product of hot water production. There are nearly 30 SHARC and PIRANHA WET systems installed or in progress in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia helping residential and commercial buildings and district energy systems meet their sustainability goals.

“We applaud first the city of Seattle and now the state of Washington for being forward-thinking leaders and taking significant steps towards reducing the use of fossil fuel in buildings to curb greenhouse gas emissions. We hope other states in the US and countries worldwide will adopt similar electrification measures to their building codes. Recognizing the environmental and economic benefits of recycling thermal energy from wastewater, companies across the globe have shown tremendous interest in adopting SHARC Energy technology. Our Company is in a strong position to fulfil the growing demand and support the industry’s fight against climate change,” says Lynn Mueller, Chief Executive Officer, SHARC Energy.

Apart from residential and commercial buildings, a SHARC Wastewater Energy Transfer (“WET”) system will also be installed in the heart of Seattle, a few minutes from the Space Needle. The project will be taking advantage of the pioneering King County Wastewater Heat Recovery Pilot program which allows for private commercial property owners and developers to tap into the sewer line to create low carbon and electrically efficient space heating, space cooling and hot water load for their buildings.

About SHARC Energy
SHARC International Systems Inc. is the world leader in energy recovery from wastewater. SHARC Energy’s systems recycle thermal energy from wastewater, generating one of the most energy-efficient and economical systems for heating, cooling and hot water production for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings.

SHARC Energy is publicly traded in Canada (CSE: SHRC), the United States (OTCQB: INTWF) and Germany (Frankfurt: IWIA) and you can find out more on our SEDAR profile.

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