ROCKVILLE, Md. – Shapiro & Duncan, dedicated to providing cutting edge mechanical solutions – including pre-construction, engineering, construction, design-build, fabrication, installation and maintenance services which provide and promote every step of the building process announced today that they will be launching a new service process utilizing a HVAC service tablet, on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at the Capital Building & Facility Maintenance Show.

This HVAC service tablet will be used by Shapiro & Duncan’s Services team to enable technicians to access failed equipment, see the history of the equipment, develop and update service tickets, order parts and for clients to approve work all on the go and on-site, right away. The usage of this HVAC service tablet, will allow Shapiro & Duncan to provide faster and more thorough real- time results on Service projects. The traditional standard has been that the technician would access and diagnose failures with the equipment, fill out a service ticket, and send it in for review at which point a proposal would be generated and sent to the client. This complete process could take days to respond to the clients needs.

Shapiro & Duncan’s President and CEO, Sheldon Shapiro, stated, “We are very excited about showcasing this HVAC service tablet at this year’s show. This approach is still very innovative for our industry and something we may see more companies adapt to over the next two to three years. This new offering will allow us to significantly cut down on turn around time and enhance our performance and delivery of service.”

At the show, Shapiro & Duncan Services team members will be in attendance to educate attendees and to allow them to participate in live, hands- on demos. This HVAC service tablet will be introduced to Service jobs effective December 2011.