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SGH Engineering Mechanics & Infrastructure Group Announces Expanded Atlanta Division and Fire Engineering Practice

SGH Engineering Mechanics & Infrastructure Group Announces Expanded Atlanta Division and Fire Engineering Practice

WALTHAM, — Simpson Gumpertz & Heger’s (SGH) Engineering Mechanics & Infrastructure (EMI) group will make several organizational changes to elevate its services and support key growth opportunities. The EMI team in the firm’s Atlanta, GA, office offers specialized, risk-informed design expertise and advanced analytical engineering for energy-related and complex infrastructure systems, while the group’s Fire Engineering division is devoted to fire life safety consulting.

EMI Press Release 6-1-2022 square.jpg“These changes set us up for growth in the advanced analysis, nuclear engineering, and fire life safety engineering markets, and establish new leadership eager to put an innovative and forward-looking stamp on EMI for our clients,” said SGH Chief Technical Officer Niklas Vigener. “This is a bold step that affirms our excitement for EMI’s future.”

A key part of SGH’s technical offerings since its founding, the EMI group provides innovative engineering approaches and sophisticated computational modeling techniques to evaluate a variety of non-building and complex structures, including nuclear facilities; buried pipes, tanks, and tunnels; fire life safety systems; observatory precision structures; science and defense radar structures; and railway cars and transportation structures.

With these organizational changes, SGH announces new leadership across the group. SGH Principal Benjamin Kosbab will lead EMI’s Atlanta Division, while Associate Principal Frederic Grant takes over the EMI Southern California Division; Principal David Jacoby will lead the new Fire Engineering Division, based out of SGH’s New York office with a national presence. On 1 October, Associate Principal Robert MacNeill will take over the EMI Boston Division while Principal Jesse Beaver becomes Head of EMI.

“SGH’s broad computational mechanics and material science expertise position us to solve our clients’ toughest engineering challenges with practical solutions,” shared SGH Principal and Head of EMI Phillip Sharff. “With these changes, our EMI teams are positioned to share their expertise with clients in our technical work and with our peers across the industry.”