Fort Washington, Pa. — The Johnstown (Pa.) Redevelopment Authority selected Severn Trent Services to provide operations and maintenance services for the Dornick Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (DPWWTP) through a public-private partnership (P3). The five-year contract will deliver an anticipated savings of nearly $500,000 per year in operating costs for the DPWWTP.

The 12-mgd DPWWTP serves approximately 25,000 customers in the City of Johnstown and 19 surrounding municipalities.

“We are happy that the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority chose to partner with us for the operation and maintenance of DPWWTP.” noted Dana Kaas, vice president, Operating Services for Severn Trent Services. “Severn Trent Services’ dedication to innovation, efficiency, high quality and excellent customer service creates the perfect combination for optimal management of the City’s facility.”

According to Frank D’Ettorre, acting executive director at Johnstown Redevelopment Authority, “The Johnstown Redevelopment Authority is happy with the transition to a public-private partnership, and we look forward to a successful partnership with Severn Trent Services.”