New app speeds up the lot grading and labeling process for more efficient planning

CHARLESTON, S.C. – SeamonWhiteside, a full-service land design firm with offices throughout the Carolinas, has released a Lot Grading Tools app—its first app for AutoCAD Civil 3D. The app, developed by SeamonWhiteside through Red Transit Consultants is now available for purchase through the Autodesk App Store.

“Manual lot grading is extremely redundant, so we set out to optimize and automate the process with the new Lot Grading Tools app,” said Landon Messal, CAD Systems Integration Engineer at SeamonWhiteside. “We’re pleased to offer this app to the industry, which reduces the time it takes to grade a lot from hours to minutes.”

The Lot Grading Tools app allows users to set grading parameters and elevations, modify and add feature lines to a selected surface and simply swipe through each lot. The lot grader then iterates through each lot and automatically rebuilds the surface.

SeamonWhiteside has been using the app for some time and it has saved team members numerous hours in redundant work, allowing engineers to spend more time reviewing plans.

“This tool is amazing,” said Sarah Hamblin, professional engineer with SeamonWhiteside. “After knocking out a 500 plus lot grading plan that would have taken me the better part of a week in less than a day, I can’t imagine not having this tool moving forward.”

The firm recognized many other companies could benefit from the app, so they decided to offer it to the industry. With the app, users will not only save time, but can also execute client lot grading standards, reduce redundant work, increase review time and better manage the finished grade surface, ultimately resulting in a better product for clients.

“The Lot Grading Tools app is the ultimate time saver, it cuts days of work into hours,” said Grant Smith, LandDev Consulting, LLC. “The interface is top notch and extremely easy to use and understand. We wish we had this software years ago. Every designer and engineer can benefit from it.”

Another key feature of the app is the ability to label lot grading plans in just a few clicks with its Labeling Tool. With the Labeling Tool feature in the app, users can easily label lot line elevation and high points, pad elevations, as well as pad reveal elevations.

The app is available for download in the AutoDesk App Store in AutoCAD. The app has a lot of potential for future phases, and SeamonWhiteside will continue to invest in it and create efficiencies for its company and others in the industry.

View a demo of how the Lot Grader Tool works.

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