SAN DIEGO, CALIF. — SCS Engineers announced the launch of a newly organized water quality services practice to address heightened client demand and new regulations in this rapidly evolving field. This practice folds in existing departments, and adds several areas of pertinent expertise.

“Navigating new regulations will require a thorough understanding of how stormwater, groundwater, and surface water interact,” said SCS National Partner Sean Porter, who will be heading up the new water quality services practice. “By bringing all these disciplines under one umbrella, SCS can integrate all the required elements to achieve water quality objectives and compliance in response to changing water quality regulations.”

On the stormwater side, additional inspections, observations, and monitoring/reporting requirements will be part of new permits for industrial plants, due to go into effect in early 2013. The firm also adds services including surface water sampling, stream bio assessments, continuous flow monitoring, and groundwater/surface water interaction and relationship analysis.

Developing solutions to protect and improve water quality means collecting high-quality data in near real time using technologies like web-based monitoring and reporting systems, and geographic information system applications. SCS water quality solutions are based on the firm’s comprehensive understanding about how water bodies relate to one another.

“SCS understands the importance of these services and applies our unique understanding to address water quality challenges,” adds Porter. “We provide high quality data while minimizing costs and improving safety.”

SCS’s new practice team manages projects throughout California and beyond, including cities, federal and state facilities, industrial facilities, construction sites, and research institutions where water resources interact on a watershed level.