Herk-de-Stad, Belgium — SCIA released SCIA Engineer 18, the latest version of the company’s structural analysis and design software. The new release incorporates significant enhancements and functionalities that enable structural engineers to streamline their workflows, design with advanced materials and work more effectively in the BIM process.

Improvements in SCIA Engineer 18 include:

Enhanced usability with streamlined workflows — The focus on usability delivers multiple enhancements including more automation along the whole workflow, a new graphical control for effective 3D navigation and simplified buckling settings — all of which enable users to work more effectively and intuitively. The corporate SCIA website (www.scia.net) now features a dedicated learning area with improved materials to help new users familiarize themselves with the software faster and to enable existing users to deepen their knowledge.

Advanced materials and floor systems — SCIA Engineer 18 expands the array of possibilities for economical and clearly documented designs for new materials and floor systems. In co-creation with Bekaert, a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coating technologies, this release supports the design and calculation of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) and is the first of its kind available in the market. SCIA Engineer 18 also features advanced optimization of composite floors, including studs layout, profile size and support for web openings, as well as extended capabilities of punching shear design, and support of add-ons for structural glass and foundation design.

Extended information flow in BIM — The Revit and Tekla Structures links now boast extended information support for concrete and steel detailing. Specifically, the link between Tekla Structures and SCIA Engineer supports bi-directional roundtrip exchange of data and transfer of end reactions to facilitate the detailing of the connections in Tekla Structures. The Revit link now supports the export of reinforcement for beams and slabs.

Cyril Heck, chief product and marketing officer, SCIA, commented: “We have always incorporated the input of our users in developing SCIA Engineer. In this release, we engaged our users even more. In particular, users participating in the recently launched ‘SCIA Insider’ program reviewed and tested some of the new usability functionalities. They helped us shape the software into the direction that truly fits the needs of the users. I am also proud of the co-creation project with Bekaert. It has enabled us to deliver an innovative solution for steel fiber reinforced concrete, allowing users to realize the benefit of using this material in their designs. With this release, we are truly taking the software to the next level, not only in terms of additional functionality, but also enhanced usability, which is also underscored by a refreshed SCIA brand image.”

To learn more about SCIA Engineer 18, visit www.scia.net.