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Schnabel Engineering completes ASFE peer review

SILVER SPRING, MD. — Schnabel Engineering Inc., a multidisciplinary engineering firm headquartered in Glen Allen, Va., has completed an ASFE peer review, a rigorous, voluntary process sponsored by ASFE/Geoprofessional Business Association.

“Participation in the ASFE peer review process demonstrates a firm’s commitment to improving quality,” said ASFE President James W. Jay Martin, P.E. "While we cannot say that peer reviewed firms are better than their competitors, we can say that a firm is better for having completed a peer review.”

Through ASFE peer review, client representatives, employees, and a team of expert peers evaluate policies affecting the quality of a firm’s services and the effectiveness with which the firm implements those policies. The peer review team identifies opportunities for improvement and suggests specific actions the firm can apply to turn opportunities into achievements.

“ASFE peer review is not for the faint of heart,” said ASFE Executive Vice President John P. Bachner. “A firm’s leadership has to be willing to give unfettered access to outsiders who provide a ‘warts-and-all’ evaluation. Frankly, relatively few firms are willing to do that. It takes a strong commitment to quality and not just a little bit of courage.”

Schnabel Engineering, whose tradition began in 1956, employs a staff of 325 working from 17 offices in 10 states. The firm provides geotechnical engineering; geostructural design; dam, tunnel, and underground engineering; environmental, geophysical, and applied-geoscience services; construction materials engineering and testing; and resident engineering services.

According to Schnabel Engineering CEO Gordon M. Matheson, Ph.D., P.E., P.G.: “We’ve gained some excellent insights as a result of the peer review. We’re extremely pleased by the extent of the positive findings. And, just as we hoped, the peer reviewers identified several areas where we can make improvements, and gave us some marvelous suggestions for making the firm even better. We’re already looking forward to our next peer review.”

For more information, visit www.schnabel-eng.com or www.asfe.org.