Fayetteville, Ark. — Zweig Group successfully completed a strategic search for GPO Group (Barcelona, Spain), leading to a partnership with Sam Schwartz Consulting, LLC.

“Sam Schwartz Consulting is excited to enter into this new phase with the GPO Group. Our partnership will increase our offering with a wide array of rail and other transit services while providing the company with an international platform,” said Sam Schwartz, President and CEO of Sam Schwartz Consulting.

GPO Group made an investment in Sam Schwartz Consulting by acquiring 30 percent interest in the company. The partnership broadens Sam Schwartz Consulting’s practice areas to include rail design and engineering throughout North America and allows the company to expand globally through GPO’s presence.

“As GPO Group we consider that the partnership with Sam Schwartz Consulting will be extremely beneficial for both companies that share a similar culture and corporate vision. The enormous reputation of Sam Schwartz Consulting in the transportation market in North America, in addition to GPO’s experience in complex transit projects, opens the door to new and exciting opportunities in the future,” said Xavier Montobbio, CEO, GPO Group.