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Salas O’Brien Unveils New Brand Identity

<strong>Salas O’Brien Unveils New Brand Identity</strong>

Salas O’Brien is excited to officially unveil a new brand identity, reflecting the firm’s increased presence in the AEC industry and continued focus on advancing the human experience through the built environment. Today marks the official public rollout, with a new logo, new website, and new tagline, engineered for impact™.

The updated brand embodies the firm’s impact on clients, communities, team members, and society and is the result of months of careful planning, including extensive research and stakeholder listening. Together with the evolved visual elements, the brand identity reinforces Salas O’Brien’s expertise, long-standing involvement, and future commitment to sustainability, decarbonization, clean power generation, and energy efficiency solutions for clients.

“The impact we have on society cannot be overstated,” said Darin Anderson, CEO. “While our company has grown dramatically over the last decade, we remain committed to the core tenets on which we were founded—finding optimal solutions to complex challenges, providing team members with limitless opportunities for growth, and creating a more sustainable world. I am incredibly excited about what ‘engineered for impact’ represents for our team and our clients and know that this positions us for even greater success and impact in the future.”

Salas O’Brien remains committed to the approach that has been a hallmark of the firm since its founding at the height of the 1970s energy crisis, delivering resilient projects that drive optimal performance while reducing environmental impact. This brand update is a natural evolution for Salas O’Brien, ensuring that this legacy and purpose are inspirationally communicated at a global scale.

“As we talked with our clients and assessed what we wanted to be known for going forward, ‘impact’ became an obvious theme,” stated Eric Anest, Vice President, Marketing and Communications. “Salas O’Brien is designed from the ground up to achieve impact for clients, to create and enhance impactful careers for our team members, and to address pressing issues in the world. Even more exciting is that this brand communicates who we are not just for today, but will take us long into the future as we continue to grow and have our messaging resonate on a global level.”

Key elements of Salas O’Brien’s brand evolution include:

New Tagline: Engineered for Impact, reflecting the impact Salas O’Brien has on clients, communities, team members, and the world.

New Logo: The upward momentum of the logo mark conveys the progress Salas O’Brien seeks, the impact the firm’s work creates, and the energy with which it is pursued. Everything Salas O’Brien does is with the advancement of the human experience and societal progress in mind.

New Primary Color: Evolving from the original Salas O’Brien blue, the new primary brand color represents the potential of blue sky thinking and ambitions for a cleaner, healthier world. The company refers to it as “impact blue.”