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SafePro Safety Products Updates the Roof Hatch Safety Rail to Improve Shipping and Installation Pains Felt by Stocking Partners

<strong>SafePro Safety Products Updates the Roof Hatch Safety Rail to Improve Shipping and Installation Pains Felt by Stocking Partners</strong>

SafePro Safety Products is helping building owners create compliant rooftop access by introducing its updated Roof Hatch Safety Rail. SafePro’s flagship product is a leading passive fall protection solution that has reduced packaging dimensions and made one-worker installation possible. Featuring a four-sided design and self-closing gate, the Roof Hatch Safety Rail has patented geometry that incorporates a two-rung ladder extension. With one product, building owners achieve compliance with fall protection and fixed ladder standards. The Roof Hatch Safety Rail is available in universal and common sizes online. For custom configurations, SafePro’s website offers a Roof Hatch Rail Quoting guide.

When selecting a passive safety solution, many contractors default to a simple guardrail system. In doing so, they often overlook the need for a self-closing gate that meets load requirements. Additionally, fixed ladder standards require a 42-inch extension to aid worker access and egress. The SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rail was designed to address all these concerns with a one product solution.

“The SafePro Roof Hatch Safety Rail ends up being far more cost effective for building owners, providing simplified compliance and peace of mind,” said Kevin Kelpe, a safety educator from Diversified Fall Protection.

When it comes to statistical hazard, the roof hatch presents one of the greatest dangers in a rooftop environment. “When building owners ask me what investment creates the greatest return to hazard reduction on the roof, I always start with the hatch,” said Kelpe.

In recent years, SafePro has enlisted roofing contractors in the fight for worker safety. In partnership with its corporate parent, the company has trained many roofing teams on hazard assessment and equipment installation that can be completed while on-site for other work. Roofing contractors have benefitted greatly from offering this value-add service. Andthe team behind the new Hatch Rail had this in mind, too.

“The new design has reduced packaging dimensions by 40% for common sizes, saving space and shipping costs for contractors that wish to keep a few in stock,” said Colt Sargent, a Fall Protection Specialist and Engineer who worked on the project. “Our goal is to provide fall protection partnership for life—for contractors, employers, and end users alike.”  

For more information about the Roof Hatch Safety Rail, visit here, or call (844) 958-1131. More information about Diversified Fall Protection and their full range of services, visit here.