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Safehub Collaborates with AWS to Speed Insights from IoT Sensors Tracking Earthquake Damage

Safehub Collaborates with AWS to Speed Insights from IoT Sensors Tracking Earthquake Damage

Amazon also a Safehub customer using its technology and data for structural health evaluation

SAN FRANCISCO—Safehub, a global data platform and enterprise IoT technology company delivering real-time, building-specific earthquake damage information, today announced the results of its migration to the Amazon Aurora cloud environment. Safehub chose to implement an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), gaining scalability, speed, and enhanced data security across development, staging, and production environments.

The move to Amazon Aurora streamlines Safehub data performance from sensors, delivering property damage insights faster, with an 80 percent reduction in code. Aurora significantly improved Safehub’s ability to query all data, especially geo-spatial data available from the United States Geological Survey. Moving to a relational database structure allowed a vast reduction in code complexity. Aurora enabled the Safehub team to quickly comb data with simple queries, streamlining its processes, easing data joins, and returning answers much faster, with less effort. Safehub realized an 80 percent reduction in code, which translates to an easier, faster time to insights for customers.

“Being all-in on AWS is a gamechanger,” said Andy Thompson, CEO of Safehub. “With Aurora in a VPC, we’re able to give critical earthquake damage information to corporations within minutes, so they know the status of their facilities as quickly as possible.”

Safehub is the first company in the world to provide affordable, easy to install sensors in buildings to determine if a building is damaged from an earthquake in minutes. To do so, Safehub employs a combination of sensors, analytics, and third-party data to provide real-time, building-specific earthquake damage information. The damage alerts are sent via text message, email alerts as well as a dashboard.

Safehub is also working with Amazon as a customer.  Amazon is installing Safehub sensors in the buildings in which they occupy.

“When we have our buildings equipped with Safehub, we can immediately make a decision as to what the occupants should do,” explained Ricardo Gianvito, head of Systems Analytics and

Architecture at Amazon. “This kind of system is valuable to keep our employees safe and know whether they should evacuate a building or shelter in place.”

The information generated by Safehub will help key decision-makers quickly implement emergency response plans that protect employees, customers and the public, stabilize income streams and secure business assets and operations.

To learn more about Safehub, visit www.safehub.io.

About Safehub

Based in San Francisco, Safehub provides organizations with real-time, building-specific earthquake damage information to expedite emergency response and recovery. Through its cloud-based Safehub platform, business continuity and resilience managers are able to prioritize building assessments and resources while resuming operations as quickly as possible. For more information, please visit www.safehub.io.