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Russ Ford named 2024 MVP of the Underground Infrastructure Industry

Russ Ford named 2024 MVP of the Underground Infrastructure Industry

Houston, Texas – Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam Inc. (LAN) is pleased to announce the recognition of Russ Ford, Senior Associate, as the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of the underground infrastructure industry for 2024. This award underscores Ford’s exceptional influence and expertise within the realm of underground infrastructure, underscoring his substantial contributions to the field.

The MVP award, co-sponsored by the Underground Construction Technology Association (UCTA) and Underground Infrastructure magazine, is an annual recognition given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional skill, innovation and leadership in the underground infrastructure sector. Ford will receive this award during the annual Underground Infrastructure Conference (UIC) held in Oklahoma City on March 19, 2024. There will also be a celebratory luncheon on this day to honor Ford’s vital role in advancing industry standards over the past 41 years of his career.

Upon announcing the award, Robert Carpenter, editor-in-chief of Underground Infrastructure magazine, noted, “Not only has Russ been invaluable in aiding municipalities to accomplish great things with their projects, but he has also been a significant driver and supporter of the UCTA and instrumental in starting the North Texas and South Texas chapters, he remains an integral part of the UCTA today.”

Ford graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in construction science, embarking on a career dedicated to serving communities through the development of quality infrastructure, always prioritizing clients’ interests and fostering a culture of excellence. With over four decades of experience in municipal planning, operations, design construction and management, his work particularly shines in water/wastewater transportation and treatment, stormwater drainage and raw water transmission, reflecting his dedication to creating lasting and high-quality infrastructure.

His expertise has benefited numerous municipalities and government agencies, especially in Texas cities like Laredo, Galveston and Houston. Ford’s projects are known for effectively addressing current requirements while establishing a robust foundation for future advancements.

“Russ has always had a vision to build and change infrastructure for the better,” said Wayne Swafford, president of LAN. “Ford actively participates in the company’s business development. He sees the benefits of innovative solutions for an extensive range of civil engineering projects.”

Read more about Russ Ford’s achievement in the November edition of Underground Infrastructure here: 2024 Underground Infrastructure MVP | Underground Infrastructure Magazine.