Battery System Offers More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Energy Source 

KENNESAW, Ga.  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rubicon Professional Services (RPS), an innovative alternative for constructing or upgrading data centers, telecom sites, and other critical facilities as well as providing Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) and General Contracting (GC) services for alternative energy, battery storage, and distributed generation projects, today announced the completion of its Hoag Hospital project. Teaming with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS)RPS installed 8 Tesla 2.5 Powerpacks and ancillary equipment needed for commercial-grade energy storage to ensure the hospital has a reliable and efficient alternative power source.

“Hospitals are incredibly dependent upon reliable power,” said Abbot Moffat, Director of Business Development | West, RPS. “We are seeing more hospitals integrating battery backup storage solutions vs diesel generators, so they can operate more efficiently during unexpected blackouts or planned outages (such as when utility companies shut-off grid power as a wildfire prevention tactic) and better control energy costs. Batteries allow them immediate backup capability without the air quality issues of a diesel system, as well as providing energy arbitrage on a daily basis.”

According to a research paper from MIT and Princeton University, “Battery storage helps make better use of electricity system assets, including wind and solar farms, natural gas power plants, and transmission lines, and that can defer or eliminate unnecessary investment in these capital-intensive assets. Our paper demonstrates that this ‘capacity deferral,’ or substitution of batteries for generation or transmission capacity, is the primary source of storage value,” says Dharik Mallapragada, the paper’s lead author.

Totaling 1 MW of battery storage, the AMS-owned system ties into the hospital’s cogeneration plant, allowing the hospital to charge the batteries during periods of low-cost power, and discharge the batteries during periods of high-cost power. This required specialized installation methods for a variety of reasons. Because the construction area is in a methane mitigation zone (naturally occurring methane emanates from underground), RPS sealed all ground penetrations, as well as underground conduits. This prevents methane build-up and potential explosions in the installed gear and equipment. Furthermore, close coordination with both the customer and the utility was required to ensure that the facility experienced no loss of power at the cogen plant, which would have impacted the hospital and negatively affected patients. In addition to performing all general contractor tasks, the RPS team provided:

  • On-site Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Customer Coordination
  • Utility Coordination

“RPS kept us informed of upcoming milestones and potential setbacks, both the site foreman and senior project manager did an excellent job keeping the subcontractors on schedule,” said Duane Suby, Supervisor Plant Operations, Hoag Hospital. “RPS also ensured that all safety measures were adhered to and quickly addressed any issues that arose—I would definitely use them again in the future.”

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