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ROHM Solution Simulator Adds New Thermal Analysis Function

ROHM Solution Simulator Adds New Thermal Analysis Function

Free, web-based simulation circuit capable of electrical/thermal coupled analysis

Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ROHM Semiconductor today announced the recent addition of a new thermal analysis function to the ROHM Solution Simulator. This new feature allows circuit and system designers in the automotive and industrial markets to collectively verify power devices and driver IC thermal issues on different solution circuits.

ROHM Solution Simulator, which runs on ROHM’s website, makes it possible to carry out a variety of simulations for free – from component selection to individual device and even system-level verification. This enables easy and accurate verification of ROHM products, such as SiC devices in power semiconductors, driver/power supply ICs, and passive components (i.e., shunt resistors) in solution circuits under near-actual application conditions.

ROHM Solution Simulator was released in 2020, in line with the company’s overall focus: developing and supporting application circuits that maximize the characteristics of driver ICs and power devices designed to supply high power in the automotive and industrial equipment markets. In this context, the ROHM Solution Simulator enables full circuit verification of power semiconductor and analog ICs. The tool is free of charge, and the software has been well received for its applicability and high accuracy.

The newly added thermal analysis function can be implemented in solution circuits for devices and applications where heat is likely to become an issue in electronic circuit design. Examples are PTC heaters (heaters specifically designed for electric vehicles without internal combustion engines) equipped with IGBTs and shunt resistors, as well as DC/DC converter ICs and LED drivers in order to meet the increasing demand to simulate temperature during circuit operation.

This is the only simulator in the industry that enables web-based electrically and thermally coupled analysis of not only of the semiconductor chip (junction) temperature during operation, but also pin temperatures as well as thermal interference of board components on solutions circuits that include both power semiconductors and ICs along with passive components. As a result, thermal analysis that used to take as much as one full day can now be performed in about ten minutes (100x faster than conventional methods). This allows users to quickly and easily check the temperature of various parts of the device before prototyping (instead of after, as is currently the case), reducing the need for rework. At the same time, the amount of development resources required for applications where heat is an issue decrease.

Going forward, ROHM will continue to implement thermal analysis functions in solutions circuits compatible with ROHM Solution Simulator, focusing on the latest SiC devices, to further reduce the resources required for application development and prevent issues.

ROHM Solution Simulator
Click on the link below to access the dedicated website and register as a user to begin using the ROHM Solution Simulator. Supporting documentation and videos required for use is also available.