Santa Clara, CA and Kyoto, Japan, Dec. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ROHM today announced the availability of a two-channel, high-speed, ground sense CMOS operational amplifier (op amp), BD77502FVM, optimized for consumer and industrial equipment requiring high-speed sensing – such as industrial measurement and control systems.

The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent years has led to a significant increase in the number of electronic components used for advanced control in a variety of applications. This trend towards greater electronics density is leading to noisier environments, making it extremely difficult to implement designs with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Op amps play a critical point role because they quickly amplify small signals (from sensors) in many detection systems that provide safety. In addition, printed circuit board design can be problematic for conventional op amps that are susceptible to oscillation due to capacitive loads (i.e., from wiring).

To mitigate noise issues common with conventional op amps, ROHM has developed the EMARMOURTM series featuring superior noise-tolerant op amps. The first groundbreaking member of the EMARMOUR family was the BD77501G single-channel, high-speed CMOS op amp that leveraged the original Nano CapTM technology to prevent oscillation caused by load capacitance. This product has been well received by engineers in a variety of fields and regions, and this two-channel version was developed to meet increasing market demands.

The newest BD77502FVM integrates two op amp devices that prevent oscillation (i.e., due to wiring) while providing high-speed amplification with slew rates up to 10V/µs and breakthrough immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). The output voltage across the entire noise frequency band is limited to under ±20mV, which is 10x lower than a conventional op amp. High-speed signal amplification is now achievable without being affected by external noise or load capacitance when used in devices that output small signals, such as sensors, thus improving reliability while simplifying circuit designs.

Application Examples

  • Facility management equipment, such as abnormal current and gas detectors
  • Motors requiring high-speed control (signal transmission)
  • Inverter control equipment
  • Pre-drive buffers for driving transistors
  • Other industrial and consumer applications requiring high-speed signal transmission and amplification without worrying about load capacitance

Please see the product table for the EMARMOURTM CMOS op amp lineup.

Availability: In mass production

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