Highlands Ranch, Colo. — Arcadis announced a memorandum of understanding with the Rockefeller Foundation. This major step toward improving urban resiliency aims to make a significant impact on cities’ long-term prospects as they respond to the effects of mass urbanization and climate change.

The partnership between Arcadis and the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Initiative will help selected city leaders better understand their short- and long-term resiliency planning challenges. John Batten, global leader of Arcadis’ resiliency initiatives, will work directly with the Rockefeller Foundation to promote a resiliency roadmap, designed to equip cities with the necessary data to reduce risk. Furthermore, along with other private, public and non-profit partners, Arcadis will provide cities with the knowledge and resources they need to better tackle the demands and stresses they encounter.

John Batten, Global Cities Director for Arcadis, commented: “Our partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation is a major milestone for Arcadis. To be resilient, cities need to prepare for all scenarios, not simply react when they occur. Resiliency is becoming an ever-present topic — one when addressed head-on gives cities an edge in attracting investment and securing their natural and built assets.”

“This agreement marks a major step in Arcadis’ growing history as we help cities become more livable, investable, adaptable and competitive. We are expanding our resiliency network and are pleased to bring this experience and value to our clients.”