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RoadBotics Releases Interactive U.S. City Roads Report Featuring Assessments of 20 Different Cities

RoadBotics Releases Interactive U.S. City Roads Report Featuring Assessments of 20 Different Cities

PITTSBURGH, PA, – RoadBotics recently released an interactive U.S. City Roads Report featuring 75-mile pavement condition assessments with road ratings and high-definition imagery of 20 major metropolitan cities.

RoadBotics U.S. City Roads Report can be found at  https://www.roadbotics.com/us-city-roads-report-2021/. By clicking on each city dot, visitors can see the overall network score of the 75-mile assessments and the interactive map with images and ratings. They can also virtually drive down any of the roads and view the network rating breakdown by segment showing what percentage of roads were rated best to worst.

The cities assessed, in alphabetical order, were Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Francisco, and Seattle.

As a part of the RoadBotics U.S. City Roads Report, RoadBotics CEO Ben Schmidt, Ph.D., provided his insight around what the data indicates and how he thinks we can solve the infrastructure issues our country is facing.

“Maintaining infrastructure is much less flashy and far less interesting than building brand new infrastructure; however, better maintenance is the key to improving our grade,” he shares. You can read the complete article at https://www.roadbotics.com/2021/03/01/insight-into-road-report/.

To complement the Report and article, RoadBotics asked Infrastructure Leaders from the education, engineering, construction, and technology sectors what recent innovation they think has had or will have the biggest impact on infrastructure. Their answers can be found in brief videos at https://www.roadbotics.com/insights-from-leaders-in-infrastructure/.

RoadBotics has also made the U.S. City Roads Report’s open data set available for download at https://www.roadbotics.com/2021/03/15/roadbotics-open-data-set/.

RoadBotics believes technology and data will move our country into the 21st century of infrastructure prioritization and spending, in addition to generating enthusiasm for innovation on a national level.

About RoadBotics:

RoadBotics empowers governments and communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their public infrastructure assets. We automate image mapping and road assessments, generating interactive maps, unbiased ratings, and practical tools to save time and taxpayer dollars for hundreds of communities across the country and around the world.

RoadBotics started with an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) product capable of automatically assessing roadways that have enabled over 250 governments worldwide to objectively manage their road networks. Our technology results in taxpayer savings, improved efficiencies, and ultimately, better services for every citizen.