WHEATON, ILL. — RJN Group Inc. recently completed a major Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) study of the village of Roxana’s wastewater collection system and created a storm sewer map. Roxana was experiencing a large volume of wastewater in the collection system during rain events causing overload to the system. The study’s purpose was to identify areas of the sewer system where rainwater was leaking into the sewers and determine if there were unauthorized connections to the sewer system.

RJN inspected 99 manholes, 29,489 feet of sewer line (106 individual segment), and dye-tested suspected driveway drains and downspouts. All work was performed in the residential and commercial area of town. No testing was done at the refineries.

RJN was able to create the storm sewer map by surveying GPS locations of inlets and sanitary manholes, and loading the data into Roxana’s geographic information system (GIS). The project lasted three months and was completed on time and within budget.