Wilmington, Del. — Amtrak issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in December seeking partnership opportunities to leverage up to 725 miles of track right-of-way and other real estate across the country for telecommunications, energy distribution, and associated activities considered appropriate by Amtrak.

The RFP follows other recent efforts to unlock the commercial value of Amtrak’s nationwide portfolio of assets, including 2 million square feet of industrial station properties, 6 million square feet of maintenance facilities, and active right-of-way. Much of Amtrak’s portfolio is concentrated along the Northeast Corridor (NEC) where Amtrak owns 363 miles of the 457-mile route between Washington and Boston. The NEC is among the nation’s most vital transportation assets, carrying 750,000 people every day and supporting a $2.6 trillion economy.

“Finding the right partner to utilize our extensive right-of-way portfolio exemplifies Amtrak’s approach to strengthening our business,” said Bart Bush, Vice President, Asset and Real Estate Development. “Proceeds generated from these partnership opportunities can be reinvested back into the vital service Amtrak provides as the nation’s intercity passenger rail operator and the steward of some of the most valued transportation infrastructure in this nation.”

Other recent examples to leverage Amtrak assets include:

  • Efforts to modernize Amtrak-owned major station facilities for improved operations and an enhanced customer experience. Amtrak has plans to double customer space at Washington Union Station; unveiled the Philadelphia 30th Street Station District Plan; and initiated master development efforts for Baltimore Penn Station and Chicago Union Station.
  • Selecting a preferred partner to deliver a trackside wireless network along the NEC. Amtrak’s customers require internet connectivity during their travels and providing reliable WiFi is critical to remain competitive as a preferred transportation choice. Amtrak issued a notice-to-proceed in December to BAI.
  • Releasing an RFP to gauge market demand for third party occupancy (telephone, gas, power, and utility companies), underground occupancy (gas, water, sewer, or cable in conduit), and aerial agreements (cable, telephone, electrical power). Amtrak has over 2,300 of these existing “pipe and wire” agreements.

Parties interested in obtaining solicitation documents should contact Contracting Agent Carole Owens in Amtrak’s Procurement Department at OwensCa@amtrak.com. All proposers are requested to participate in a pre-proposal conference call on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 2 p.m. EST. The closing date for proposals is March 10, 2017 at 2 p.m. EST. Additional information regarding the RFP can be found at https://procurement.amtrak.com/irj/portal/anonymous?NavigationTarget=navurl://7e7c6db809b56f05f8e58e6565a217df.