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Report finds new water pricing models essential to meeting the world’s growing demand for freshwater

BOULDER, COLO. — As the world population approaches 7.8 billion by 2030, the demand for potable water will stress the finite closed-loop water-cycle responsible for supplying freshwater. Geographic markets will need to address the growing demands for water and begin implementing regional water resource plans. According to a new report from Pike Research, innovative products and technology, policy making authority, financing, true cost pricing, creative business models, and borderless resource management will drive the public/private water industry strategies to implement sustainable business models to efficiently supply water.

“Significant opportunities exist to be more efficient in the use of water, but they are dependent on valuing water at its true natural resource price,” said managing director Clint Wheelock. “Until such pricing is implemented, no incentives are in place to utilize technological advances in irrigation systems, water reuse initiatives, infrastructure supply and storage, and treating secondary water sources.”

Pike Research estimates that global water market expenditures are already in excess of $90 billion annually, and the firm expects that number to grow steadily as governments and private industry continue to increase investment to meet expanding demand. Europe is the largest regional market with a water industry of approximately $30.5 billion per year, followed by China at $20 billion and North America at $18 billion.

Pike Research’s report, “Water and Wastewater Treatment Markets”, establishes a framework for understanding water market dynamics and the various interdependent components. It identifies the primary and secondary market drivers that influence current and future market conditions, and offers an analysis of the technologies, business models, and policies that will forge a new paradigm for the global water market. The report includes profiles and SWOT analysis of key industry players as well as global market forecasts through 2020. An executive summary of the report is available for free download on www.pikeresearch.com.