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Report: Corrosion resistance of reinforcing bars

The Epoxy Interest Group of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute recently published a report, "Corrosion Resistance of Reinforcing Bars: An Accelerated Test," that summarizes work conducted by Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates comparing the corrosion resistance of many bar types used in concrete. Testing includes carbon-steel, epoxy-coated steel reinforcing, low-carbon chromium steel bars, galvanized, and various stainless steel materials. This testing also included evaluation of epoxy-coated bars that had been removed from concrete after 15 years in a high-chloride environment.

The testing demonstrated the high corrosion resistance of certain stainless steel and epoxy-coated bars and the poorer performance of galvanized, low-carbon chromium steel, and 3CR12 stainless bars. Results are consistent with longer-term, in-concrete testing.

The summary and detailed report are available for download at www.epoxyinterestgroup.org under the publications tab.