Recent promotions underscore Premier’s commitment to exceptional service and operations as it continues to expand its hospitality, multifamily, and student housing portfolios

DALLAS, TX — Premier, an end-to-end architecture, design, procurement, and project management firm, is excited to announce the promotions of John Irvin, Derek Weaver, and Richard Strock on the Project Management and Corporate Engineering teams, respectively. The elevations will streamline communication across all teams and partnerships, providing exceptional leadership as Premier enters a new era of growth.

To support the Premier’s growing project portfolio and expanding scope of work across the hospitality, multifamily, and student housing industries, Irvin and Weaver will collaborate closely with the project management team as Directors of Project Management. Irvin and Weaver will assume overall responsibility for managing, coordinating, and supervising project processes from pre-construction through completion. As Vice President of Corporate Engineering, Strock will be responsible for achieving financial goals pertaining to maintenance and repair. Additionally, he will oversee all compliance measures necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the hotels.

“We look forward to the successes these individuals will produce for their teams as they facilitate efficiency and consistency in all new and ongoing ventures,” said Johannes Michalsky, Premier’s Senior Vice President of Project Management and Corporate Engineering. “They will continue to grow in these new leadership roles, further ensuring that Premier’s capabilities to provide end-to-end services as our portfolio expands, seamlessly navigating various transitions and challenges. ”

John Irvin, Director of Project Management

  • Irvin’s diverse project portfolio will accelerate Premier’s new business development as it expands its scope. As Director of Project Management, he will serve as a liaison between owners, general contractors, and internal management. This includes the overall planning and management of construction, renovation, and third-party assignments. He will also provide direction for the design and construction teams and ensure consistency and adherence to project plans.

Derek Weaver, Director of Project Management

  • At Premier, Weaver has utilized his engineering and team-building skills to coordinate design, contract, procurement, and engineering teams. As Director of Project Management, he will serve as a liaison between owners, general contractors, and internal management. He will direct site plans and project planning in this role, keeping all teams on schedule by forecasting workload requirements. Weaver will also be responsible for field coordination and the strategic direction of construction projects.

Richard Strock, Vice President of Corporate Engineering

  • While at Premier, Strock has leveraged his technical and leadership skills to deliver clients’ innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient projects. In his new role as Vice President of Corporate Engineering, Strock will regularly visit hotels to connect with on-property teams and ensure that all operations are running smoothly while also supporting the Chief Operating Officer in utility and engineering cost analysis. He will continue cultivating strong relationships with third-party hotel owners and asset managers, emphasizing partnership and goal alignment.