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Minimize Soil Movement, Resist Water Impact

When slopes are remediated, several criteria are considered in the design to ensure the surface will remain stable in its environment. Slope angle, slope length and slope vertical height, as well as infill type and weight, native soil type and hydraulic conditions must all be factored into the design solution. Most vegetated slopes 2H:1V or milder may only require a 2D planar erosion control blanket (ECB) to protect the surface pre-establishment of vegetation.  Turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are a stronger surface treatment, but offer limited depth and ability to confine fill.

3D Deep Surface Protection of Slopes

Steep slopes susceptible to sliding and erosion issues from erosive soils and concentrated runoff may require deeper surface protection. This is where GEOWEB® geocells are most effective. The system’s cellular network of 3D deep cells controls slope-surface stability and erosion issues on steep slopes, shorelines and channels. Stabilization of the slope surface materials allows embankments to be designed steeper (1H:1V and higher) with less horizontal footprint and use of land space. Through confinement, the infill is resistant to movement and migration from gravitational forces, soil saturation, sheet flow runoff, and water flow. A stable growth environment is created for vegetation whereby it isolates each cell to create an eco-zone protected from erosive forces. Aggregate and concrete fill are options for permeability and hard-armoring of the surface.

High-Performance Stormwater Channels

Channels with continuous low-flows and moderate-high flow intermittent channels also benefit from GEOWEB® 3D confinement. The 3D network creates check-dams that protect the soil layer from hydrological erosive forces and resulting erosion that impacts unconfined soils.

With a TRM overlayment, vegetation may be used instead of expensive rip rap, improving the resistance to withstand up to 30 ft/s (9 m/s). This significant improvement essentially doubles performance resistance to shear stress and velocities for TRMs and ECBs. Higher flow channels are designed with GEOWEB® system and aggregate or concrete infill. Applications that benefit from this system include roadside ditches, stormwater channels, shoreline embankments, dams, spillways and pond overflow systems.   

The GEOWEB® system is the industry’s most robust geosynthetic – offering diversity in solving complex, challenging problems for slopes and channels while providing sustainability and environmental low impact design solutions.

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